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Title:  Introducing ... Clark Kent!
Caption:  Found this idea on Pinterest ... got the suit jacket, slacks and white dress shirt from Savers thrift store. Topped it off with a pair of black glasses, no lenses, black hair spray and a wire hanger through the tie to give it the "flying" effect. Voila ... ladies and gentleman ... Clark Kent!
Title:  Toad!!
Caption:  2 year-old Mason is dressed up like his favorite Mario character, Toad!
Title:  monster of death
Caption:  jordan and i made this costume together. we used garbags and cloth from the dollor store. it turned out awesome!
Title:  Baby elephant
Caption:  My little pumpkin with our pumpkins!
Title:  At the pumpkin patch
Caption:  Which of these pumpkins is not like the others? I'm from Loganville, PA and my wife, and four month old son, Sullivan Kraft, went out to the pumpkin patch and found one of the pumpkins isn't like the others. Can you spot the cutest pumpkin? - The Kraft Family: Nate, Natalie and Sully
Title:  Maddie aka Raggedy Ann
Caption:  Maddie dressed up as Raggedy Ann this year!
Title:  Super Gaviiiiiiiiiiiii
Caption:  Gaviella wanted to be the pink super girl since she picked it out last year on clearance after halloween she loves running really fast acting like she is flying!
Title:  Elmo with a tutu
Caption:  Hanna may only be 15 months, but she loves Elmo. I took inspiration from a more expensive costume I saw online and created this one myself. Everyone says the tutu completes the look!
Title:  Disney's Phineas & Ferb with Agent P.
Caption:  My kids love Phineas & Ferb, and l have to admit l enjoy watching that cartoon too! When we were trying to decide what to dress up as this year, this idea came to mind. l mentioned it to the kids & they loved the idea~then l had to figure out how to make the costumes.
Title:  Headless Reagan
Caption:  Bon Appetite
Title:  The Little Old Lady
Caption:  Zoey Henry, age 3, dressed as a little old lady to participate in the 1st YWCA Pumpkin Run on Sunday, October 28.
Title:  True Grit
Caption:  My 4 year old grandson, Caiden Clark, wanted to be a cowboy, "True Grit".
Title:  Pumpkin Zoombie
Caption:  Christian Clark, my 10 year old grandson, scared me nearly to death when I opened the door to the bedroom and found him standing there in this costume.
Title:  Our Little Lion
Caption:  Roar!
Title:  Jack, The Amazing Dino!
Caption:  Jack turned one-year old this month, so this will be his first year "trick-or-treating!" He makes for one great little dinosaur!
Title:  Beauty "becomes" the Beast
Caption:  Even Cinderella can become a bit "testy" with 3 older brothers! My grandaughter, 3 year old Grace Clark, added the Werewolf "accents" to her costume when our backs were turned, watching the Mummers at Seawitch in Rehoboth.
Title:  Hanging out with Frankenstein.
Caption:  Christian and Gabriel Clark take a few moments to pose with "Frank" on the boardwalk in Rehoboth during Seawitch..
Title:  Wolverine Man
Caption:  Landon Stumptner, great-grandson of Tom and Gloria Wolf of Dover, enjoys being "Wolverine" at Seawitch in Rehoboth Beach, DE.
Title:  I'm an Angry Bird!!
Caption:  My son Elijah, 6 yrs old, wanted to be an angry bird so I felt creative and made his costume. Took 6 hours and cost $2 since I used recycled fabric for the costume. It was a hit!
Title:  Dead Bride
Caption:  I am a dead bride. Creepy bloody make-up, dead flowers, dark dress and veil. I hope you are scared into voting for me!
Title:  Chunky Monster
Caption:  This monster enjoyed his 2nd Halloween roaring around town and parties in his costume.
Title:  Merida from Brave
Caption:  Kari, age 10
Title:  The Riddler
Caption:  Brady, age 7, dressed as 'The Riddler' from Batman. Costume made by his mom, Brooke.
Title:  The Joker
Caption:  Logan, age 10, dressed as 'The Joker' from Batman. Costume handmade by his mom, Brooke.
Title:  Batman
Caption:  To go with his brothers Logan and Brady (dressed as The Joker and The Riddler), 3 year-old Liam wanted to be Batman for Halloween.
Title:  Trick or Treat Tiger
Caption:  Nik's Daddy painted him up like a tiger and did a grrrrreat job!
Title:  Azaria the great Gladiator
Caption:  Sparta! I am the greatest Gladiator!
Title:  Kid Author..the boy King
Caption:  Kimahri age 7
Title:  transformed
Caption:  Zaire age 9
Title:  Choo Choo, Buzz Buzz, Zooooom
Caption:  Nautica (11), Abigayle (10), and Aiden (3) pose together for a photo in their halloween costumes before trick or treating to send to their daddy who is currently deployed. . . Anyway to stay close through the holidays- they'll do! =)
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