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Title:  Memories with Mom <3
Description:  My favorite memories with my Mom is planting flowers in the garden together and Oh yes you are picking out dirt under your nails for weeks ... but so worth ...
Title:  Flowers!
Title:  Growing our Greens
Description:  My wife and I enjoy planting a vegetable garden every year (we do more than just the greens!) We have fun doing it together, and it's great cooking with our ...
Title:  my new planters in my new rock garden
Description:  over the past 12 months I removed an old ugly broken concrete sidewalk and replaced it with a reclaimed ( i personanlly loaded, hauled, and unloaded each brick from Allentown, ...
Title:  Pretty Geraniums
Description:  new wall planted with geraniums to coordinate with hanging baskets on porch
Title:  Backyard iris
Title:  lavendar and purple serenity
Description:  luscious shades of lavender and purple soak up the last drops of the morning rain.
Title:  Hello Spring!
Title:  First year for bigger garden
Description:  This is the first year we planted a larger garden and a bigger variety of veggies. We have purple cauliflower, potatoes, spinach, snap peas, onions, beets, tomatoes, lettuce, beans, peppers, ...
Title:  a few flowers around the yard this season so far.
Description:  don't have a particular photo I can submit(but I submitted a picture), though the following link goes to an album of pictures I've taken around the yard so far this ...
Title:  Lavender
Title:  My Space
Description:  I started working on "My Space" about 5 years ago. My husband built the pergola for me for my birthday and ever since, this has been my area of solitude ...
Title:  Stained Glass Hygrangea
Description:  Experimenting with camera angles, I liked the way the sunlight shines through the flower petals giving the image a stained glass look.
Title:  Sprouts
Description:  This is the first year we decided to plant Brussels Sprouts. They were exceptionally good considering it was our first year. In this photo you see the first of our ...
Title:  Purple Butterfly Bush
Description:  Our purple butterfly bush is our daughter's favorite!
Title:  First of the Season
Description:  I always get excited when I see the first tomato turning to red!
Description:  My first attempt to grow zucchini, a huge success, producing 6-8 a day! In search of good zucchini recipes!
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